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Time & Again has been part of Ganz for almost a decade. From the first idea to final design, through testing, formulations, research and packaging, we create our quality personal care and air care collections. We manufacture over 90% of our products in Canada, not overseas. We're inspired by home décor trends, fashionistas, working moms and the gift biz. And, we love what we do!


...creates a ripple of change. We look more thoughtfully at the foods we eat, the cars we drive, the way we live, and what we put on our skin. 'Less is more' is the new catchphrase, for everything from shopping to food to body lotions. So, our product specialists and chemists got to work, seeking to reduce or replace the chemical preservatives and typical synthetic ingredients used throughout the industry.


We're so proud of these new collections. They're not just pretty packages—they have been re-crafted from the inside out. We've removed synthetic fragrances and dyes. We've removed controversial parabens, phalates and non-formaldehyde releasing preservatives. We found new vessels that would ensure freshness and stability. But, our pricing hasn't risen!


This vitality continues within our Air Care category. Fragrancing our home is an art—we create moods; aiming to calm, energize or motivate our family with just the right scent. Fragrance throw is key in candles, and we took the time to revisit and re-formulate our blends, making them more effective and enjoyable. Not overpowering, or intrusive, though -- our scents create an ambiance, not a headache! Look for the message on our candle labels, letting shoppers know they're in for a great experience.